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  • Iris Pro - Mac (1 User - Lifetime) Iris Pro - Mac (1 User - Lifetime)

Iris Pro - Mac (1 User / Lifetime)

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How Мonitors Destroyed our Eyes?

Monitors are like the Sun. They emit all colors of the rainbow but as it’s probably not so normal to look at the Sun at night. But unlike the Sun, monitors don’t emit full spectrum sunlight.

The sun also emits UV rays, but direct UV rays to our eyes aren't great either, and UV rays stop at the front of our retinas, and blue-violet light gets deep into our retinas, potentially causing macular degeneration in the long run.

Monitors are like a light bulb. But instead of one light bulb, we have millions of them in the size of several inches. In order to reduce their energy use and brightness, you need to turn them ON and OFF hundred of times per second. Our brain is slow and we do not perceive this, but our eyes are fast and our iris starts to open and close like this. The science behind this thing is that in dark we need more light and our pupil is dilated. When there is a lot of light around us or there is lots of daylight our pupil is undilated.

LED lights will use a lot of energy if they are constantly ON and they may also overheat. Same goes for other monitor types. The problem is that the lower the frequency of this flicker the bigger is our iris contractions and the more we feel eye pain.

Iris Pro is an efficient software for eye protection, blocking harmful blue light, reducing PWM, and maintaining your health. And it is software that can reduce the brightness of all monitors without PWM and without changing the backlight flicker-frequency or the current through the backlight. It does this by using the video card to move the white point of the monitor. This gives you a really big brightness reduction range.

Iris can also gradually adjust your screen brightness depending on the time of the day so your screen will match the light around you at night. Iris is a cheap and effective solution for reducing the negative effects of monitors with PWM flicker. By controlling the brightness without PWM, Iris helps with eye strain, dry eyes, and headaches caused by PWM flicker.

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    Good price review by Martin Anderson on 8/23/2022

    Good price
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    Quick delivery and an excellent support received. review by Rinus de Regt on 4/21/2022

    Quick delivery and an excellent support received. I was engaged with an activation issue but this was quickly resolved

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